SnugBook - The Book Pouch collection - Snugbook

May 10, 2022 1 min read

We love to create a booksleeve that is unique, durable and sustainable. We have two main collections with a variety of designs. Our second collection that has 4 designs is the Book Pouch. This collection is also the Water Resistant Collection which ismade out of high-quality neoprene material on the outside, making these SnugBooks highly water-resistant, and great for book protection and close with a sturdy zipper on the top to keep your books safe inside with a soft fleece-lined interior.

The Classic - the original Book Pouch

The Iqra - ‘read’ in Arabic

Galaxy Girls and Above and Beyond 

We endeavour to create a collection that puts the readers at the heart of every book sleeve, from young readers, to the classic readers, to the passionate readers. From the vibrant designs to the quality of the material making sure that your books are safe and protected for a very long time. 

Whch one is your favourite? Now that you have seen both collections and what they have to offer, which one do you prefer? Book Pouch or Book Envelope?