FAQs - Snugbook


  • What is Snugbook?

A SnugBook is a fantastic creation to keep your books snuggled in and protect them from the usual wear and tear when you carry them with you.

  • How do I use a Snugbook?

Just open the zipper or the fold, plop your book inside (you can also fit in your phone, cards, pens) close the SnugBook, and you are good to go.

  • Is Snugbook Washable?

The envelope-style SnugBooks are made with PU material and can be washed, but we recommend washing them very gently. The book pouches are made with neoprene and can be hand washed with any detergent at 40 degrees.

  • Do you make customized designs?

Yes. We custom design SnugBooks and collaborate with artists and authors to create designs that match your unique taste.

  • Do you accept wholesale offers?

Yes, you can order our custom-made hot-selling SnugBooks and sell them on your store.

  • Is there an affiliate program for Snugbook?

Yes, we encourage influencers to reach out to us and earn substantial commission by marketing our SnugBooks to their book lovers’ community.

  • Do you have a return and refund policy?

We accept returns within 30 days of purchase, not that you’ll have to return the snuggly cozy sleeve for your books.
As for refunds, we don’t accept them unless the book sleeves dispatched from our side were damaged in any way.