SnugBooks loves the little details... - Snugbook

May 31, 2022 1 min read

We love the little details…

SnugBook doesn’t just create a book pouch simply for books. Each SnugBook is designed with the reader and buyer in mind. We want to create something unique and different so that they can be used for more than just books. 

Two of our best features that are specifically on the ENVELOPE Pouches are:

We love Pen Loops….

The pen loop is placed at the top as soon as you open the pouch made of leather to stretch with the pen and ease of taking it out and in. 

These are perfect for fellow book reviewers who want to add a notebook in the pouch to add your notes, you have everything you need in one pouch.

We love Pockets..

I mean who doesn’t love pockets, pockets in bags, pockets in dresses, they are a must in a material type product. We’ve included one on the back of the Envelope pouch and 1 on the inside. They are perfect for passports or train tickets when travelling, charging cables for phones or tablets, maybe even a little sweet treat. 

The ideas are endless.