Azul - Snugbook Stain-Resistant Book Envelope / Stylish Book Pouch

Azul - Snugbook Stain-Resistant Book Envelope / Stylish Book Pouch

This SnugBook is inspired by the Amazigh tribes that reside in the North African Region or the Maghrib and carry symbolism that represents the rich art and craft of the Amazigh.

The perfect gift for book lovers, readers, jet setters and anyone who appreciates something stylish and functional. Great to use for not only books but also journals and has a handy pen loop to keep everything together. Stain resistant to keep your books safe from any accidents when carrying your books or traveling with them and with a soft fleece interior to keep your books snug and in excellent shape, no more bent or worn edges!

Materials: PU (Polyurethane)



Pen Loop

Pocket with Waterproof zipper


237 x 318mm

9.3 x 12.5 inches

Suitable for:


Trade paperbacks




Please note that what fits your envelope can also depend on the thickness of the book spine- Azul snugbooks can fit your larger paperback and hardcover books with a spine of 3 cm