The Classic SnugBook. - Classic Water-Resistant Book Pouch - Snugbook

The Classic SnugBook. - Classic Water-Resistant Book Pouch

Discover the timeless appeal of our Classic Best Selling SnugBook, a cherished favorite among book lovers and an iconic gift choice. The SnugBook Neoprene Collection boasts a meticulously crafted exterior from high-quality neoprene, providing exceptional water resistance and optimal protection for your beloved books. Sealed with a robust zipper at the top, the SnugBooks ensure your literary treasures remain secure within a soft fleece-lined interior.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Capacity: Our SnugBook pouches are thoughtfully designed to accommodate multiple books, adapting to the unique thickness of each spine.

  • Water-Resistant Prowess: Experience the convenience of a water-resistant book pouch, making it an ideal companion for those on the go and avid travelers.

Why We Love It:

  • Travel-Friendly: Perfect for packing your favorite books for on-the-go adventures and ensuring their safety during travel.

  • Multi-Book Accommodation: Boasting the ability to fit multiple books and e-readers, this SnugBook adapts to the diverse reading habits of book lovers.

  • High-Quality Neoprene: Elevate your reading experience with the assurance of premium neoprene construction, ensuring both durability and water resistance.

  • Perfect Gift: An exquisite choice for any book lover, the SnugBook combines functionality with a touch of luxury.

  • Soft Fleece Lining + Water-Resistant Zipper: Revel in the soft embrace of the fleece interior, complemented by a sturdy water-resistant zipper for optimal book care.


  • Hand Washable: Maintain the pristine appearance of your SnugBook by handwashing with a mild detergent in cold water.

  • Reshape and Dry: Reshape while wet and lay flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight. Delicately handle hardware to prevent chipping.

  • Avoid Machine Washing: Neoprene products are not machine washable to prevent potential hardware damage.

  • Creasing and Pilling Remedies: Address creasing with a fabric steamer and remove pilling using a fabric shaver. Lightly press and move in a circular motion to eliminate fuzz balls and pills.

  • Avoid Harsh Solvents: Protect the exterior of your pouch by avoiding harsh solvents like alcohol, acetone, and oil.

Dimensions + Materials:

  • Premium Neoprene: The hallmark of quality and water resistance.

  • Colour-Plated Zinc-Alloy Hardware: Infused with a touch of sophistication for added durability.

  • Small Book Pouch (17 x 24): Compact and portable, perfect for daily reading essentials.

  • Medium Book Pouch (20 x 28): Spacious enough for those who carry a bit more on their literary journeys.

Elevate your reading experience with the enduring charm and functionality of the Classic Best Selling SnugBook – a literary essential for every book enthusiast.



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