6 reasons why we love Snugbook!

June 29, 2021 3 min read

Snugbook has just launched. We thought we could share why we love Snugbooks and what makes it a must have for every reader and a great gift for every bookish person you know. Apart from having a Snugbook for every personality and every book size here are 6 reasons why we love Snugbooks!

1- It gives your your books some TLC 

I mean it’s from the name, what do you think about when you hear the word snug? Cuddles, warm, protected. Well, that's how we like our books to feel. 

Snugbooks are made to not only protect your books from the outside world but also make sure that they are looking new for longer and making it easy and practical to take your books with you anywhere without a worry about any tears or bends or even spills/stains affecting your book when it's Snug'ed 

According to Cambridge dictionary the definition of Snug is:



comfortable, warm, and cosy; well protected from the weather or cold.

Adjective: If you feel snug or are in asnug place, you are very warm and comfortable, especially because you are protected from cold weather.

Synonyms:cosy, warm, comfortable, homely 

Basically everything we feel when we read our favourite books and everything we want our books to feel when they are by our side. 


Snugbook a book protection book pouch book sleeve to keep books safe and snug

2 - Book Lover Take books everywhere

Every avid reader takes their current read everywhere. You’ll find books on the car seat next to them or in a bag or sometimes just holding them in your hand as you go to your favourite cafe or tree to read under. Having a Snugbook will allow the books to be taken everywhere with that protection and without a worry about it being damaged or people finding out what you’re reading. 

3 - Books in handbags and suitcases

Very naturally we throw the book in the bag or suitcase when we’re packing to go away. Those of us that are really book obsessed we’d wrap between our clothes or like I used to do since I have a mom bag was wrap them in a scarf so no lipstick or baby food spills and ruins it. Snugbooks will keep your book in shape and guess what? Most of our book pouches can fit more than one book! 

4 - Date with a book

Some of us like some alone time with a book but when we go out do we really have to pack a bag for the sake of a book or do we just hold it in our hands? Well this is another reason why we love snugbooks. Snugbooks allow you to go out to read in style! Our awesome envelopes have compartments and hidden pockets that fit phones, hotel keys, everything we could possibly need!  

5 - Lending Books

Books can be sentimental items and we all have our own way of making a book personal to us, some of us don’t like a bend whilst others love taking notes and highlighting passages however one thing we all share in common or most of us anyway is when lending books our biggest fear is that it is not taken care of the way we’d like it to be! And let's be honest, books can easily tear and bend! Having a snugbook means when a friends likes a book of yours or asks to borrow it you can lend it to them without shamelessly saying ‘’you can order it on amazon’’!

6 - Bookish Gifts

There are only so many gifts to give a book lover, especially unique ones and useful ones! Snugbook is the perfect gift and you can even spoil them by gifting more than one style and design! Just like you can never have too many books, we believe you can never have to many snugbooks!