SnugBooks for the little readers - Snugbook

May 13, 2022 1 min read

Have you seen a book sleeve or pouch that carries picture books, activity books for when you are out and about? 

We hadn’t so we decided to create not just one but TWO colours. 

Introducing the MEGA SnugBooks!

In our bestselling envelope style, these snugbooks are perfect for parents with younger children. You can: 

  • Use them to pack your favourite books when going out or on holiday.
  • Take it with you for a little library haul.  
  • Plus the best thing is when you're going out, they won’t get wet, creased or even stained from children’s snacks or drinks in your bag. 
  • They can hold up to 10 PICTURE BOOKS.

They are the perfect accessory for families. 

OR it doesn’t have to be for children, it can ever be for yourself. A big SnugBook to carry all of your books, notebooks, pens, laptops. 

We love to create a book pouch that can be multiversal in its purpose. 

Both are available with worldwide shipping.