Iqra - Snugbook Water-Resistant Book Pouch

Iqra - Snugbook Water-Resistant Book Pouch

Experience the allure of the written word with the Iqra SnugBook, a testament to our devotion to reading. The word "IQRA," elegantly expressed in Arabic calligraphy, serves as a vibrant proclamation to READ, reminding you of the profound importance of literature.

Key Features:

  • Symbolic Aesthetics: Iqra SnugBooks boast a dazzling array of bright, vibrant colors, acting as a perpetual symbol of the joy and significance found in reading.

  • Premium Neoprene Construction: Crafted from high-quality neoprene, our SnugBooks ensure water resistance and top-notch book protection. The robust zipper seals the pouch, enclosing your books in a soft fleece-lined interior, safeguarding them from external elements.

Why We Love It:

  • On-the-Go Companion: This water-resistant book pouch is perfect for packing your favorite reads for on-the-go adventures.

  • Travel-Friendly: Ideal for those who love to travel with their books, the Iqra SnugBook adds a vibrant touch to your literary journeys.

  • Versatile Capacity: With ample space for multiple books and e-readers, it caters to the needs of voracious readers.

  • High-Quality Neoprene: Experience the pinnacle of durability and water resistance with our SnugBooks.

  • Perfect Gift: A thoughtful and meaningful gift for any book lover, showcasing a harmonious blend of style and function.

  • Soft Fleece Lining + Water-Resistant Zipper: Luxuriate in the plush interior, complemented by a reliable water-resistant zipper for optimal book care.


Maintain the longevity of your Iqra SnugBook with gentle care. Handwash with mild detergent in cold water, reshape while wet, and lay flat to dry away from direct sunlight. Handle hardware delicately, as neoprene products are not machine washable. Address creasing and pilling easily with a fabric steamer and shaver, respectively.

Note: Avoid harsh solvents like alcohol, acetone, and oil, which could harm the exterior of your pouch.

Dimensions + Materials:

  • Premium Neoprene: The epitome of quality and water resistance.

  • Colour-Plated Zinc-Alloy Hardware: A touch of sophistication for added durability.

  • Small Book Pouch (17 x 24): Compact and portable for your everyday literary essentials.

  • Medium Book Pouch (20 x 28): Spacious enough to accommodate a variety of reading materials for your literary adventures.